Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cheesy Dill Hashbrown Patty

I was home and had no clue what I wanted to eat and I did not feel like cooking a meal for myself. So...this is what I came up with...

potato (mostly peeled and grated)
oil (I used extra virgin olive oil)
shredded cheese (I used cheddar)
salt and pepper to taste
dill to taste and for garnish
sour cream

In a skillet I heated up some oil and then added my grated potato (medium heat). Add salt, pepper and dill to taste. As you cook the potato try to keep one flat layer; stir and flip it as you go. Once it is just about done sprinkle your shredded cheese over potato. Starting from the edges start to form your patty (the cheese really helps it stick together). Once patty is formed cook for about 30 seconds, flip and cook another 30 seconds. Transfer to your plate (you may want to drain off some of the oil first), then garnish with some sour cream and dill.

This was really good and I plan to make it more variations soon.


Carrie said...

This looks great! Good creation!

Valli said...

I love these kind of dishes. It is very similar to a Roesti. You can add whatever you like to a roesti potato and make your own delicious creations like you have done!!

Jaime said...

This looks right up my ally! It has 2 of my most favorite things, potatoes and cheese!