Monday, January 28, 2008

Lemon Curd and Raspberry Filled Cupcakes

This recipe was very "Sandra Lee".....but it was good!! I had some lemon curd and wanted to do something fun with it.


Lemon Cake Mix (and ingredients required to make the mix)
Lemon Frosting
Lemon Curd
Raspberry Preserves


Baked your lemon cake mix in cupcake form as directed by the box.

While they are baking, mix together the lemon curd and raspberry preserves to suit your taste. You are going to need more raspberry preserves than lemon curd since the lemon curd is very powerful.

One the cupcakes have cooled use the cone method (cut out a cone shape from the top, cut off the point of the cone, stuff the hole with filling, then put the top back on) fill them with the mixture of lemon curd and raspberry preserves.

Frost the cupcakes (this will also cover up and "uglies" from the coning).

**You need to keep these in the refrigerator because of the lemon curd.


Anonymous said...

I've been craving these ever since you mentioned them. They look sooooo yummy. I'm going to have to make them now. :)

~Amber~ said...

Yum, these turned out wonderful! I bet they tasted awesome.

MrsPresley said...

lemon and raspberry are perfect together!